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Everything about SafeMoon - Will safemoon hit 1 cent ?

There have been lot of searches related to SafeMoon token, will safemoon hit 1 cent or may be a $0.01 in future and many more questions related to its price. So I decided to publish a post about safemoon coin, in this article you will get know basics of SafeMoon, where to buy Safemoon coin and is it worth investing in it.

What is SafeMoon ?

SafeMoon is a DeFi based token just like Bitcoin and as per SafeMoon official website, when you buy SafeMoon token three process takes place i.e. Reflection, LP Acquisition and Burn. SafeMoon token is a mix of liquidity generating protocol and RFI tokens. SafeMoon is planning to develop its own NFT exchange and crypto educational application. With SafeMoon swap, people can earn 80% APY, depending on how many coins they hold. This amount can be huge, when compared to traditional savings account interest. SafeMoon Swap is just getting started and it will gain attention over time, thanks to its coin burning feature.

SafeMoon Swap is working on ideas to include an NFT market and coin launchpad space, which will allow people to create their own crypto. SafeMoon Swap has an blue print, all because of its growing popularity and they waiting to get listed on the top exchanges and increase their partnerships by 2021.

SafeMoon is developed by John Karony, as per his twitter profile. Biggest flaw in the DeFi space is that high APY LP farms don’t have access for new investors. But SafeMoon uses the concept of static rewards nothing but making the reward conditional depending upon the volume of the token being traded.

How to buy SafeMoon ?

As we already know, SafeMoon is not listed in majority of exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini and Robinhood. In order to buy SafeMoon token you need to open an account with Binance, which is a simple process. Once you have created your account with Binance, you need to buy BNB tokens which you can then exchange in PancakeSwap platform to buy SafeMoon.

You need to purchase as suitable amount of BNB. Eventually, we will be swapping these coins for SafeMoon token, you can buy as much of BNB that you wish to invest in SafeMoon. In order to trade in PancakeSwap you need to have a wallet that works with Binance chain. Metamask and Trust wallet are good choices, but you must enable them to connect with Binance Chain before using it for SafeMoon tokens, as these wallets are mainly intended to be ETH wallets.

Remember, names of these coins can be tricky and fake, you might end up losing all of your money if you invest in these meme coins through PancakeSwap.  Crypto's like DOGE, SafeMoon and Shiba Inu could make you a quick profit, but they are not considered as good investments for the future.

Will safemoon reach 1 cent ?

My Initial thought would be like investing in any crypto is gamble, so it's no different when it comes to SafeMoon. So far, it's been dump and pump situation with Safemoon coin is and it's not gaining much of an interest in social media like it's counterpart Dogecoin or Shib are getting and also the supply of safemoon is a point of concern as well.

Best thing is to spend some time on understanding these type of coins and then jump into conclusion whether to invest or not. Don't jump in thinking that you will make thousands of dollar in one night buying these coins, it usually takes time for SafeMoon to make a move in price. So, there are many other options than SafeMoon.

If these digital asset get enough attention in the public and all the financial services vote in favor of Crypto's then we might see a price surge in Safemoon coin as well. Based on all these criteria, Safemoon coin price may touch $0.0000085 by 2021.  

If all the meme coins start picking up pace then there is a strong chance that safemoon coin might arrive at $0.000031. If SafeMoon community continues to maintain the hype going forward then safemoon might reach 1 cent soon thus making many safemoon holders dreams to come true.


All these investment ideas and price predictions are based on some crypto sources and my personal views and it should not be considered as a Financial recommendation. It is advised to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

- Happy Investing "

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