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Top 5 Best Cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021

Cryptocurrency market has become one in all the most important growing investment sector within the world in recent years, attracting huge number of investors round the world. it's obvious from the very fact that early Bitcoin holders in 2017 saw their coin raise from $1 to $20,000 per coin.

Today, it's still possible to induce high returns from the Crypto market with the worth of some coins rising and it's expected to hit all time highs in few months. Although price of major coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum have gone down recently, but it's expected to rally in future thanks to its mass adoption in coming years.

top 5 cryptocurrency

#1  Cardano(ADA)

Cardano was created in 2017, and also with the intention to that ADA token will make sure that owners can participate within the operation of the network. Because of this, those who hold the cryptocurrency have the power to vote on any proposed changes to existing network. ADA is being used by many agricultural firms to trace fresh produce from field to fork, while other products built on the platform allow educational credentials to be stored in an exceedingly tamper-proof way, and retailers to restrain on counterfeit goods.

Cardano is one in all the most important blockchains to successfully use a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which is a smaller amount energy intensive than the proof-of-work algorithm relied upon by Bitcoin. Ethereum going to upgrade itself to PoS, this transition is going to occur gradually.

cardano cryptocurency

Cardano is probably going to be a challenger to Ethereum as not only can it's used as currency, but its blockchain and it also can be wont to build smart contracts, protocols and decentralized applications. Plus, it's said to be significantly more scalable than Ethereum. the value of Cardano has exploded over the previous couple of months up around 600% since the start of the year, recently making it the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As of now, Cardano is that the fifth largest cryptocurrency within the market with a market cap of $49.37 Billion dollars, currently Cardano is down by 10.41% and it's price stands at $1.54. Cardano is predicted to hit $2.5 mark by the tip of 2021 and it would cross $3 mark in 2022. 

#2 Litecoin(LTC)

Litecoin may be a cryptocurrency that was designed to produce fast, secure and low-cost payments by leveraging the unique properties of blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency was developed as support to the Bitcoin, but it differs in many ways like, hashing method, block transaction time and some other factors. Litecoin includes a block time of just 2.5 minutes and very low transaction fees, making it suitable for micro-transactions and point-of-sale payments.

The cryptocurrency was created by former Google employee, Charlie Lee with an intention of making a "Lite version" of Bitcoin. Behind Bitcoin, Litecoin is that the second preferred pure cryptocurrency. This success may be largely attributed to its simplicity and clear utility benefits. As of January 2021, Litecoin is one among the foremost widely accepted cryptocurrencies, and over 2,000 merchants and stores now accept LTC across the world

Its main application comes from its reliable computation speed and cost effectiveness. Litecoin transactions are typically confirmed in mere minutes, and transaction fees are nearly negligible. This makes it a sexy alternative to Bitcoin in developing countries, where transaction fees could also be the deciding factor on which cryptocurrency to support.

Litecoin cryptocurrency

Currently LTC is down by 13% and it's price stands at $156.33, but this a decent chance to speculate in LTC because it is predicted to cross $200 mark by end the of 2021 due to its abilities to grow in future.

#3 Ethereum(ETH)

Ethereum is that the second largest cryptocurrency within the market with a market cap of $291.5 Billion dollars. Ethereum may be a decentralized open source blockchain system that features its own cryptocurrency, Ether. ETH works as a platform for various other cryptocurrencies, also as for the execution of decentralized smart contracts.

Ethereum was first described in an exceedingly 2013 whitepaper by Vitalik Buterin. Buterin, together with other co-founders, secured funding for the project in an internet public crowd sale within the summer of 2014 and officially launched the blockchain on July 30, 2015. Ethereum has developed the idea of a blockchain smart contract. Smart contracts are computer programs that automatically execute the actions necessary to meet an agreement between several parties on the net. They were designed to scale back the necessity for trusted intermediates between contractors, thus reducing transaction costs while also increasing transaction reliability.

Ethereum’s principal innovation was designing a platform that allowed it to execute smart contracts using the blockchain, which further strengthens the prevailing benefits of smart contract technology.

Ethereum is essential to the arrival of DeFi, which runs smart contracts on the EVM and enables holders of assorted cryptocurrencies to use their coins as collateral for financial services including loans, insurance, trading and savings. and also the ability to connect real-world assets to contracts enables developers to launch NFTs on Ethereum.

ethereum crypto

Currently ETH is trading at $2,497 and it's down by 10.34 to stand out from previous day. Predicting the worth will average $3,700 in 2021 and rise to $4,650 in 2022. Over the long run, it projects the value will climb to average $8,000 in 2025.

#4 Chainlink(LINK)

LINK is a abstraction layer in the blockchain network that enables globally connected smart projects through a decentralised oracle network path. Chainlink allows blockchains to securely interact with external data feeds, events and payment methods, providing the critical off-chain information needed by complex smart contracts to become the dominant type of digital contract.

Founded 2017, Chainlink is one in every of the primary networks to permit the mixing of off-chain data into smart contracts. With many trusted partners, Chainlink is one amongst the main players within the processing field. Data providers can sell access to data on to Chainlink, thus monetizing the knowledge they have.

chainlink token

Chainlink brings some major benefits to the network. Oracles are important to network expansion. Chainlink acts as the core for major developments in the sector. LINK allows organization to boost this powerful technology in a powerful manner. Currently LINK is priced at $22.70 and it is down by 18.88%. Chainlink is expected to cross $70 mark by the end of 2021.

#5 Internet Computer(ICP)

The ICP is world’s first crypto chain network that runs at web speed with unlimited capacity. It also the third major innovation in the blockchain world, a blockchain computer that automatically scales smart contract computation, executes them at web speed, processes and stores the data efficiently, and provides one of the best computer frameworks to developers.

The ICP project was started in 2016 by Dominic Williams, and gained good amount of interest from the crypto world. DFINITY raised $121 million from contributors such as Polychain Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, Electric Capital and several notable Ethereum supporters.

On May 2021, DFINITY launched ICP into the public network. This milestone means that the internet now works as a decentralised global technology computer.

internet computer crypto

The main intention of the ICP being extend to the public network is that, it can also be the compute platform for the world. Today, the internet connects everyone and everything in this world, but many systems and services currently run from private infrastructure.

The scientific breakthrough behind the Internet Computer is Chain Key Technology, Chain Key Technology consists of a set of cryptographic protocols that orchestrate the nodes that make up the Internet Computer. It is one of the main innovation behind the ICP, enabling it to have a single key. This is a big advantage because it allows every device, including smart devices like watch and mobiles, to verify the authenticity of artifacts from the ICP. This is not possible for existing traditional blockchains.

As of today, ICP was priced at $81.59 and just like most cryptocurrency it is also down by 21%. However because of its unique ability that helps smart contracts, ICP is expected to cross $350 mark by 2021.

Disclaimer :

All these investment ideas and price predictions are based on some crypto sources and my personal views and it should not be considered as a Financial recommendation. It is advised to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.  

- " Happy Investing "

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