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Can Cardano be the future of Cryptocurrency ?

Most of you already know the power that Cardano possesses, it is different from other cryptos. Cardano is a proof of stake based blockchain technology with a aim to allow token holders, visionaries and innovators to bring positive change to the Cardano network.

What makes Cardano so special ?

Cardano was created in 2017, and its native token ADA is designed to guarantee the fact that token holders can participate in the functioning of the network. Because of this unique feature, those who hold the ADA token have the right to propose suitable changes to the Cardano's existing software.

Cardano is one of the successful and largest blockchains to use a PoS concept, which consumes less energy than the proof of work method used upon by Bitcoin. Although Ethereum is showing interest in upgrading to PoS, this change will take time.

Cardano blockchain project has earned a respect by ensuring that entire technology created goes through a review process and research, meaning that good and valid ideas can be examined before they are approved.


Future of Cardano 

The impact on nature by crypto's will remain as headlines and on top of investors mind for future. Because of this fact, green coins like ADA will outperform PoW based coins. And, because investors are scared of investing in meme and baseless tokens, you’re going to see coins like Cardano reach higher price mark.

Accordingly, it is expected that ADA coin to will outperform in the near future, many also refer Cardano as the PayPal of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain GitHub.

Many are skeptic of new tokens that do small changes to improve on old technologies. It’s the reason why many early investors bought Ethereum, a coin that was fundamentally strong and unique from Bitcoin. Bitcoin is referred as a digital gold, while Ethereum’s unique approach is more like Apple Pay.

Will Cardano hit $10 mark ?

In 2021, Cardano price was at $0.18. As of now, Cardano is priced at $1.42, so the price is up by nearly 695% since the beginning of 2021. Cardano price might reach $2.6 by the end of 2021.

By 2025, Cardano might reach greater heights of success as there are many tie-ups and integrations planned down the line. This will impact ADA's price positively for the coming years. Cardano might climb ranking in market cap and establish itself as one of the successful crypto's in the market. Cardano can even touch the $10 mark by 2025.

Key Takeaways

Many crypto geeks believe that ADA is a good pick for investment compared to other coins. Despite all the fluctuations in ADA's price, experts strongly believe that because of ADA's limited supply, it can lead to increase in its price and demand over the years.

As discussed earlier, Cardano's improved PoS algorithm and two-layered architecture attract many investors in the world. The fact that Cardano has a huge  range of use cases is a major motivator.


All these investment ideas and price predictions are based on my personal views and some crypto resources, hence it should not be considered as a Financial recommendation. 

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