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Should you buy GRT tokens ?

GRT is the native token of The Graph blockchain network, it is similar to the information indexing service Google provides in the internet world. GRT has been dipping in price, but it still managed to remain popular with big investors. So, is GRT token a good buy right now, and should you start accumulating GRT during this dip ?

What is Graph ?

The Graph network is an indexing protocol useful for data query related operation for networks like Ethereum, powering many DeFi based applications in the crypto world. Anyone can create and publish open APIs, called as Sub-Graphs, that applications use GraphQL for querying blockchain data. As of now, the Graph supports indexing data from Ethereum, POA and IPFS , with plans to add more networks in future.

The Graph is working to create a decentralized public infrastructure to the main crypto market. To ensure security of The Graph Network and the integrity of data being circulated, participants use GRT tokens. GRT is a token that is locked up by Curators, Indexers and Delegators to provide curating  and indexing services to the Graph network.

GRT is an ERC-20 token built on ETH network, used for allocation of resources in the network. Active Curators, Indexers and Delegators can earn extra income from the network which is proportional to the amount of work they do and their GRT stake. Indexers will earn rewards for indexing service and query fee, while Curators earn a part of query fee for the sub-graphs they signal on. Delegators earn a small part of the income obtained by the Indexer that they delegate to.

Upcoming projects

Kyber Integrates with Graph :  

A highly efficient liquidity protocol, the Kyber maximizes the use of capital and optimizing good returns for liquidity providers. To provide accurate data for liquidity and transaction, Kyber is establishing the Kyber DMM analytics by using a sub-graph available within the Graph. 

Optimism tie-up with The Graph : 

Optimism and the Graph have announced a partnership, which allows developers to create a decentralized apps on Ethereum to create sub-graphs. Subgraph allows them to access indexed data via The Graph network. 

Arbitrum integrates with The Graph :

Big thanks to the integration with Arbitrum, indexing and querying services of Graph are now available on the network. Developers on the Arbitrum One will be able to develop and publish open APIs that apps can query using the GraphQL.

Is GRT a good buy ?

Finally the question that gets stuck in our mind is, should we buy GRT tokens and will it rise in future. GRT would need to gain 430 % to get back to its to previous all-time high mark of $2.88 and continue the same momentum till the end of 2021.

At present, you can buy GRT tokens on Coinbase, Crypto.com, Kraken, Binance and Gemini. Since the beginning of 2021, GRT has seen many bullish movements. However, there were many sideways fluctuation and consolidation. Taking all this into consideration, GRT has a good future in 2021 because of its indexing and querying ability.

GRT chart shows that it has performed well over the past few days. Moreover, most of the cryptos price are reflecting the bullish trend. If this trend stays for few weeks, GRT might take the bull run path along with the other tokens, overtaking its $0.86 threshold level. GRT token might reach $2 by the end of 2022.

In the next 3-4 years, GRT prices could rise up to $8-$10. However, reaching this level is not that  difficult for GRT token. Its market trend indicates that it has a high chances of reaching a all time high price mark soon in coming years.

However, the highly volatility of cryptos is what makes crypto more enticing to dive in. Many people are getting into the crypto investment, not only through the media but with the help of tech giant companies and influential people backing crypto. One twitter post from Elon Musk could make any token sky rocket in price overnight. It is great to see that the world is slowly digitizing in many aspects. Thus, crypto timing sits almost perfect with the digital progression of the world


All these investment ideas and price predictions are based on my personal views and some crypto resources, hence it should not be considered as a Financial recommendation. 

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